Tufted Duck at Clifton Court, Contra Costa County



Today I was looking for previously reported Redhead on Clifton Court Forebay ( eastern CCCounty),unfortunately without success, instead I saw other rarities .... Tufted Duck in the group of six Ring-necked Duck,and two Scoters, juvenile male Surf and juvenile female White-Winged, which seems to be very rare on this reservoir I suspect, also male and female Red-Breasted Merganser were also seen there. The main flocks of ducks today were composed of Scaups Lesser/Greater,Canvasback,Common Goldeneye, and a small number of Ruddy Duck,and even smaller numbers of Bufflehead. Noticeable today was lack of Mallard, Gadwall, N.Shovler and a few other ducks

Albert Linkowski

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