SF Bay Flyway Festival - Skaggs Island

richard s. cimino

Getting an early start on the weekend today I attended the noon SFBFF
field trip on to Skaggs Island.
The trip leader was John Robinson.
Raptors in volume ruled the day:
Red-tailed Hawks,
White-tailed Kites
Northern Harriers
American Kestrels
and a single Prairie Falcon.
Earlier in the week both Rough-legged Hawk and Ferruginous Hawk had
been seen on the Island.
The 9AM morning group today had a Peregrine Falcon.
Two interesting land birds were;
Several sighting's of the "San Pablo Bay" Song Sparrow - does anyone
have detail information on this subspecies?.
A Ruby-crown Kinglet with a black face.
The Kinglet was found in a blackberry bush, the black face may have
come from eating the blackberries.
I later stopped by the Festival Headquarters on Mare Island.
There are many NGO exhibitors, food booth's, art work and government
agencies, it's all good.
Enjoy the weekend
Rich Cimino

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