Spring Activity in Walnut Creek, Too


Like my high school friend, Johan, we have had two Bewick's Wrens checking our nest box here in Walnut Creek. This is the same box which has had nesting Chickadees three years in a row. Only time will tell if the wrens will sign the lease first. Rosita has a For Rent sign hanging from the bottom corner of the nest box. When it is time, we will turn it around to show that it is Occupied.

Monday, Fred Safier saw a Killdeer pair copulating near the Contra Costa Canal at the north end of Heather Farm Park. They have nested in the area numerous times in recent years.

The Oak Titmouses seem to be in pairs now, too. I rode to Martinez and back today and did not try to count how many Titmouse calls I heard along the way.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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