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Charlotte Allen <c.allen@...>

Here are some photos of the two geese - they both look like Ross's to

Dave also found a male and female Brown-headed Cowbird. Alas no
photos of them, or of the Yellow-headed Blackbird. My pictures of the
Eurasian Widgeons are too pathetic to share.

Charlotte Allen

On Feb 6, 2012, at 7:30 PM, D Weber wrote:

Hi Birders-

Made a late afternoon stop at Pacific Commons Linear Park in
Fremont. Two
Ross's Geese and an American Bittern were at the east pond. There
to be a slight size difference between the two geese. Two male
Widgeons were on the west pond and a/the Yellow-headed Blackbird
was in
reeds near the west observation area. I met Charlotte Allen and we
went back
for the Ross's Geese which were now way out in the field. Even at that
distance, one was very slightly larger but all other marks
suggested it was
Ross's. This place always seems to have something interesting.

Dave Weber

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