Birds of Prey...........

Michael Marchiano

I can not explain why today but I had views of four different falcons/hawks
and a TV from my Backyard in Martinez just off Hiway was a first
ever for me at this location. This morning I had a pair of Red Tails
soaring around the neighborhood and an hour later I saw the turkey vulture.
Then around 12:30 a coppers hawk swooped through and scattered the birds at
my feeders....she hung around for about 10 minutes in a barren backyard
tree and then took off looking for new hunting grounds. I went out around
three and noticed three doves in my neighbors tree next to my fence and
then saw a little "hawk" sitting above them....this alone was a surprise. I
have never seen my yard doves hang out with Hawks. I thought it was the
coopers hawk at first but it appeared smaller...I grabbed my binoculars
thinking it might be a sharpie and was really surprised to have the first *
Merlin* I have ever seen in the neighborhood. That bird hung out for about
30 minutes. As I was checking it out I noticed a larger hawk at the top of
a tree one house away and I zoomed in on a beautiful Red Shouldered
hawk......What a day for the big birds of the neighborhood.
Michael Marchiano
*The Naturalist*

We will never be at peace until we are willing to understand, respect and
live in harmony with all other living things.

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