Hayward Shoreline (2/5)

Bob Richmond

I started at the mouth of San Lorenzo Creek. A BRANDT'S CORMORANT was off shore and a BLACK OYSTERCATCHER was on a piling just offshore of Ora Loma Sewage Treatment Plant. I then went to the San Leandro Marina. 1 or 2 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were just offshore. A BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was on the bay between El Torrito Restaurant and Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. Many gulls were there, but nothing unusual. The small rocky island off the marina had 3 BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS. Nearby were 15 SURFBIRDS. In the Marina was a PELAGIC CORMORANT. Back at Mt. Trashmore 5 white geese flew by - 4 ROSS'S GEESE and 1 unidentifiable ROSS/SNOW. Also nearby were 120 (est) CACKLING GEESE, all appeared to be ALEUTIAN.

Good birding


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