White-throated Sparrows at Hidden Lakes and Black Diamond Mines

Denise Wight

Hi E.B. Birders,

This morning Kitty O'Neil and I scouted out Black Diamond Mines for an upcoming Golden Gate Audubon field trip we will be co-leading on Feb. 12th.  Highlights included:

Prairie Falcon - 1
Barn Owl - 1
Red-breasted Sapsucker - 1
Rock Wren - 1
Phainopepla -a silent female
White-throated Sparrow -1 seen in the ravine from the end of the last parking lot. The first I've seen at BD Mines.

White-throated Sparrow was also at Hidden Lake Park in Martinez yesterday, in the weedy area, just north of the soccer field.

All the Best Birding,
Denise Wight
Moraga, CA

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