"Pacific Golden Plover" at Crown Beach: follow-up

Bob Sikora

Thanks to Bob, Len, Dominik, John, Joseph, Noah and all who contributed to the Pacific Golden discussion of post #3109. Your willingness to contribute your years of experience really enriches an endeavor that is already a lot of fun.

I took the photo thinking I was looking at a Black-bellied Plover. You don't really see much through an EVF.

When I got to look at the picture I thought wait a minute, that is a huge eye. And a huge bill. And there is no black speckling on the back. A shadow (?) on the lore/forehead area may have also been misleading.

After wrestling with the bill shape until I began falling asleep it occurred to me that the bird might be a juvenile. Once I took that approach, I started digging for pictures and soon decided it must be a juvenile Golden.

Post it. Get some sleep. See what happens.

I find it quite remarkable that someone is able to put a few words into this web site and quickly be rewarded with such an informative response. I am changing the caption on the photo.

Bob S.

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