Richmond Marina Black Scoter today (with HD photos)

Jim Scarff

With Harold Newman's excellent directions from his post yesterday firmly in
my hand, I set off to try to find the Black Scoter. The directions were
"spot on" and I first saw the bird exactly where he described it in his note

When I first saw it about 11:30 am, the bird was swimming alongside the
boats probably 100 yards from the nearest point on land, hanging with a
three female scaups (no male scaups nearby). Then, to my happy surprise,
the scaups started swimming to join up with a dozen or so female scaups
hanging out in the SE corner of the basin, closest to the parking lot. The
scoter followed them, all the way into the corner, no more than 25 yards
from the trail. He continued to follow the female scaups calling frequently.
The scaup seemed to ignore him entirely. (see map with Flickr photos)

Having already show 390 photos of the Black-throated Gray Warbler earlier in
the morning, I then filled the rest of my 16 GB memory card plus much of an
8 GB with 300+ scoter photos and attempted videos.

Bob Lewis came in response to my belated phone call, arriving (2:30 pm) just
after the scoter, which had been hugging the shore all this time, swam back
to the line of sailboats where Harold Newman had seen it. It hung out with
a couple of Surf Scoters, but again preferred the company of female Scaups.

Around 4pm something startled the ducks (nothing we noticed, perhaps a
passing large sailboat), and the scoter and some Scaups flew out the mouth
of the harbor.

A couple of close-up photos of the Black Scoter can be seen at:

Thanks to Harold Newman for his posting and excellent directions.

Jim Scarff

Berkeley, CA

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I saw the Black Scoter first reported yesterday by Richard Broadwell. Seen
at 2:30 PM. today, Friday, at the Richmond Marina.

Directions: Go to the Shimada Friendship Park parking lot at the Richmond
Marina. Park there and walk across the street to the large harbor. Keep
walking north towards the berths about 50 yards until you reach a very large
dark blue (?black) sailboat called DARLING at the near end of the first dock
you come to. Turn left 90 degrees.

Look out directly across the Marina along the edge of the berths towards the
old huge Ford plant. The scoter was intermittently hanging out with some
female scaup and traveling back and forth along the edge of the boat docks.
At times it came very close to the path affording excellent views.

Harold Newman

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