Black-throated Gray Warbler today, Heritage Square, Emeryville - several photos

Jim Scarff

This gorgeous male bird was on absolutely best behavior this morning. I
watched it fairly continuously for about an hour from when I got there at
9:40. It spent all this time in the trees and bushes along the edge of the
parking lot next to Hollis Street. It even spent some time on the ground in
the island between the parking lanes and in the low bushes on those islands.
After taking 390 photos of the warbler this morning (thank heavens I'm not
shooting film anymore!), I left to go chase the Black Scoter in Richmond
(separate message)

Three photos of this bird at:

(Note for those unfamiliar with the location, Heritage Square is not the
public park on the east side of Hollis Street. Instead it is the name of an
office complex of that name on the west side of the street. The warbler has
been hanging out around the parking lot at the Hollis Street entrance to the
office complex. Check the location map on my Flickr photos above if you have
any confusion.)

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