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By the way, I'd HIGHLY recommend this 2-day class on Wildlife Search and Rescue. I bet we have all been in situations where there was an injured bird , reptile, or mammal, and didn't know what to do or whom to call.

These people have Teams on-call all over the state and can usually send Teams out quickly. After the class and certification, YOU can volunteer to be part of the Search and Rescue Teams.
With an additional class, you can also be certified to work with oiled birds anywhere in the world and really make a difference.

There is a major Wldlife Rehab Center in Fairfield that receives all the oiled birds and other serious injuries.

And, of course, don't forget our wonderful Linday Museum in Walnut Creek, that can accept some injured wildlife, at certain times of the year - the hospital is NOT open year-round.

Sandy Richards, RN
Walnut Creek, CA


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This poor grebe is ensnared at the Berkeley Aquatic Park.

The only Western in the park this evening (Tues. 24 Jan. 2012), he was acting strangely in a raft of ducks and coots. When I got home and looked at the photos it can be seen that poor bird is ensnared in what looks like rubber tubing which goes around his neck and probably legs. He can't draw his head back far enough to get the tube (?) out of his mouth.

He should be easy to net in this situation.

Does anyone know who to contact to get help?

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