Hayward Shoreline (1/24)

Bob Richmond

I started at Winton Ave. and saw a male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD. This is the only Jan. record I have for the shoreline. A group of 25+ swallows were mostly TREE SWALLOWS but had 3 WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS and at least 1 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW (only the second record I have for the shoreline in Jan.). An ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD was on a nest and a BEWICK'S WREN was seen here later. Up on Mt. Trashmore were 6 white geese - 3 ROSS, 2 SNOW, and 1 possible ROSS x SNOW. 235 CACKLING GEESE (most or all ALUETIAN) were also present. A GREEN-WINGED (COMMON) TEAL was in Ora Loma Marsh east of the power lines. In Cogswell Marsh while looking unsuccessfully for unusual sparrows, 4 WHITE-FACED IBIS flew overhead. These are the first I have seen in Jan. at the shoreline. At Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline, I missed the probable Lesser Black-backed Gull but saw one of the CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS on the way back. Offshore from the San Leandro Marina was a BARROW'S GOLDENEYE. 4 RED KNOTS
were on the mudflat around the rocky island close to 5 pm.


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