Summer Tanager, Eurasian Wigeon, Tufted Duck and Clay-Colored Sparrow

C Lou


The SUMMER TANAGER was first heard calling loudly at 910am at
the 'tanager spot' by the above the yellow tagged tree at
Aquatic Park. We got visual confirmation at 945am when it posed
in the yellow tagged tree for five minutes or so. At 1000am,
the bird was over by the line of trees by the railroad tracks.

Note: this area is on the east side of Aquatic Park, lined up
with the boat ramp. There is a picnic table underneath a
large eucalyptus tree. The bare tree with yellow tagging is
is close by.

A male EURASIAN WIGEON was at the Miller_knox Regional Park.

The male TUFTED DUCK was down by the fountain at Lake Merritt.

One of the CLAY-COLORED SPARROWs was by the entrance to
Oyster Bay Regional park at 130pm.

Calvin D Lou
San Francisco

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