Barrows Goldeneyes at Lake Merritt (was Re: Yellow-Headed Blackbird continues, Pacific Commons Linear Park)

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On 1/21/2012 1:21 PM, scfloyd2000@... wrote:
The Steenhovens and I and many others participated in Ohlone
Audubon's field trip to Shadow Cliffs (off Stanley in Pleasanton)
this morning....
And I woulda been there, but when I went to open my garage, one of the springs broke loose with a sound like a gunshot and the door slammed down and jammed shut. I unjammed it enough to pry it open - but it wouldn't stay up, so the car was still trapped - and it was way too early to roust out the building manager.

So I walked around Lake Merritt, and saw half a dozen Barrow's Goldeneyes up at the 12th Street tide inlet: a couple of adult males, a female, and some immature males - though I just checked the book, and they look an awful lot like immature Common males. (And there were some Common Goldeneyes there too.)

The male Redhead was near the bird paddock, and the Tufted Duck by the Embarcadero fountain.

And - yay for apartment life - the manager got onto the owners, and they sent someone around this afternoon to fix the garage....

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