Re: Oyster Point -- Clay-colored Sparrow (Continued on 1/21 - Pics)

Jerry Ting

I refound two Clay-colored Sparrows and observed/photographed from 12:00-12:30PM. Both were foraging on the ground from the 'broken water funtain' all the way east to the grassland beside the railroad. I have uploaded a couple of shots that can be seen at

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Jerry Ting

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Yesterday, around 3:30 PM, I stopped by Oyster Point Regional Shoreline to look for the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW reported by Noah Arthur on Jan. 4th (originally, perhaps, on Dec. 12th). Noah called the flock of sparrows the "Oyster Bay Entrance Sparrow Flock", so I scoured the hillside just north of the entrance, and did indeed find the Zonotrichia flock. After just a couple of minutes, the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW jumped up to a low rung of the chain link fence, and then joined the Zono's on the ground in front of the fence -- this was the flat grassy area "in the vicinity of the broken water fountain" (as Noah described it). This has been a long-sought Alameda County bird for me, having missed Chuck Woodrum's long-present feeder bird in winter 08-09, and seemingly countless others reported through the years.

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