Re: Tanager -- Berkeley

Kay Loughman

Graham and all,

I saw the bird for several minutes this afternoon at 2:30. Am quite sure it was a Summer Tanager, possibly a red-morph female, as there were blotchy reddish patches visible (with binoculars) on the breast and belly as well as the head. The bird was feeding on cotoneaster berries right at the sidewalk; but soon flew south toward the camphor trees at the corner of El Camino Real. If anyone gets a photo of this specific bird, I would very much appreciate getting a copy to post on the website for Claremont Canyon area wildlife.

Kay Loughman
in the hills above the Claremont Hotel, Berkeley

Graham CHISHOLM wrote:

This morning at 9 am while out walking I had a quick glimpse of a tanager
feeding on berries just south of the corner of Tunnel Road and Domingo in
Berkeley. The berry trees are along the parking lot of the Sotheby's Real
Estate office. Unfortunately I did not have binoculars with me and only
had a quick view confirming that it was a tanager with slight reddish wash
around the face, overall pale yellow appearance though I did not get a good
look at the back. Bill did not appear large and I am leaning toward
Western Tanager. I returned with binoculars and looked again without
success, but the plentiful food source makes me think it will be back.

Thanks. Graham

Graham Chisholm
e. <>

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