Additional Berkeley Aquatic Park Stuff

Dave Weber

Hi Birders-

Early this morning the Summer Tanager was not seen, but while searching for it I saw a Yellow Warbler in backside of the tanager tree and a Pelagic Cormorant flying toward the south end of the park. From 10 to 11am, at the algae-covered pond/puddle next to the cypress on the east side of the trail described by Michael Park, I saw the Northern Waterthrush, the Black & White Warbler, an Orange-crowned Warbler, a Townsend's Warbler, and Brown Creeper almost all in the exact same spot across the puddle. Back to the tanager tree, where I had just missed the tanager. But at 11:15 the Summer Tanager showed up again, sitting still near the yellow ribbon for 10 minutes. Other birders also saw the B&W Warbler in this area. A Green Heron was hidden in the north end of the swampy area. The Yellow Warbler, a Townsend's Warbler, and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet all had black-stained faces. Excellent morning.

Dave Weber,

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