Long-tailed Duck, Richmond and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow, Oakland

Sheila Dickie

Following up on Noah Arthur's previous post on Tuesday, January 10, I was one of the three people present at Vincent Park in the Richmond Marina who saw the three Long-tailed Ducks, at about 2:30-3 p.m.  Two MDAS birders were there as well with a scope but the ducks were easily viewable with binoculars, as described, swimming and diving in the open Marina to the north of the park.  Vincent Park is at the very end of Marina Bay Parkway, off I-580.   I also saw a loon and thought it to be a Pacific.
Yesterday, January 11 at high tide ( 1 p.m.)  along with a fair sized group of other birders, I saw the Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow at Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland.  As previously described it was to the East of the long narrow pier which is to the left along the path coming from the main parking lot.  The bird was very cooperative even coming up atop a reed to sit near a Song Sparrow for a couple of seconds.  Otherwise it was flying back and forth across the channel, sometimes skulking and sometimes out in the open at water level, for at least an hour.  A Clapper Rail made a brief appearance in the reeds along the channel next to the pier on the East side.  Other birds in the channel included Marsh Wren and Common Yellowthroat.
Sheila Dickie

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