[SBB] White faced ibis at Coyote Hills Park in Fremont

Matthew Dodder

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Subject: [SBB] White faced ibis at Coyote Hills Park in Fremont

I took a drive out to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont.

Highlight was a White Faced Ibis that spent a great deal of time in
Main Marsh in front of gravel parking lot which is in front of
paved parking lot and the visitor center. At times the bird was
less than 100 feet away. There are at least two of them as another
flew up and they both flew off after the morning viewing around
11:30am. The bird was back again around 2pm

It's a nice park with several viewing areas, but could be a lot of
walking. I had a bike and could cover a lot of ground quickly. Main
Marsh by parking lot or Chochenyo to Dust trail or the boardwalks
are best bets if you are walking.

If you go on a weekday, be sure to leave before rush hour traffic
on 880, 237, 84 and the like. I left after 2:30pm and when traffic
backed up on 880 around Montague Expressway, I took Montague to San
Thomas to get back to Campbell.

quick Pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/73822294@N08/

. . .

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View, CA

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