Black-throated Gray Warbler, San Leandro Creek

Patricia Bacchetti

Hi all;

Scouting the Dunsmuir area of the Oakland CBC circle turned up a few interesting birds today. A creek restoration effort by Alameda County Public Works is going on along parts of San Leandro Creek near downtown San Leandro. At Haas and Bancroft, a bridge crosses the creek above the newly planted alders. A male BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER was fly-catching from an oak tree as I crossed the bridge, as well as 2 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, several YELLOW-RUMPED WA, and a BROWN CREEPER. The Black-throated Gray will be a good count week bird if we don't find it again tomorrow. Locals told me that they hear Great Horned Owls calling from the eucalyptus early in the morning, as well. The TURKEY VULTURE roost along Bancroft only had 2 birds lingering in the afternoon, but 2 weeks ago there were over 30 birds early in the morning.

Another section of the creek is being restored behind the Memorial Park area, at Huff and Callahan, with 2 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS present with the usual assortment of Yellow-rumps and chickadees.

The beautiful weather should make for a very pleasant CBC day,

Pat Bacchetti
Oakland, CA

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