Prairie Falcon at Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont


This morning, Rich Nicholson and I previewed a section of tomorrow's CBC by birding Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont. In addition to about six Red-Tailed Hawks, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, and a Cooper's Hawk, we saw one, maybe two, Peregrine Falcons, a Merlin, a kestrel, and a Prairie Falcon. A very poor digiscope of the Prairie Falcon is at the link below.

Head Naturalist Trent Pearce joined us on the walk and got much better photos of the Prairie, which with his permission I will share when I receive them.

The Prairie Falcon was perched near the top of a eucalyptus along the main trail northwest of the mansion. No sooner than we got on it and rushed to take photos, a resident Peregrine Falcon rousted the smaller bird and, both screaming, drove it from its territory. We lost the Prairie as it flew northeast, and we were unable to find it again.

Later, at Coyote Hills, we found a Red-Shouldered Hawk and two White-Tailed Kites, bringing us to a total raptor count of 9 species for the day.

Stephanie Floyd

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