Bay Farm Island


This morning I swung by Bay Farm Island for some CBC scouting. Of interest:

Lesser Yellowlegs: Wetland along Harbor Bay Pkwy at point where the road turns north along the coast. Just south of the Pete's Coffee Headquarters.

Orange-crowned Warbler: In roadside plantings along Harbor Bay Pkwy and S. Loop Rd. (near Raider's Headquarters)

Geese: Lydecker Park had ~100 grazing Canada Geese at 10 am; Among them a White-fronted Goose, 2 juvie Snow Geese and an adult White Goose that at first glance I took for a Ross' as it was distinctly smaller than the two Snows. I now wonder if it isn't the apparent hybrid white goose that was seen at Oakland Middle Harbor last season**. The bird's bill is intermediate in shape & size between Ross' and Snow; and the black smile line, while certainly noticeable, was thin. The 2 young Snows stuck close together, but the adult white goose did not seem to associate with them, particularly. The bird seemed in all respects intermediate. Thirty minutes later half the geese were gone including the 4 noteworthy

** or perhaps two seasons ago?

Rusty Scalf

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