Valle Vista/Pinehurst

Jeff Acuff

This morning, pre-dawn, I worked Pinehurst Road near Canyon.  In addition to several great-horned owls, I found one northern saw-whet owl that called for about 20 minutes, first from one side of the road and then from the other.
After daybreak, I moved to Valle Vista Staging Area (EBMUD permit required).  Where the Kings Canyon trail reaches the tip of Upper San Leandro Reservoir (there's a bench for relaxed birding), there were 20 (!) Wilson's snipes working the mud flats along the water.  
Other fun finds along my walk included 2 hooded mergansers and 3 ring-necked ducks at the bridge where wood ducks are often found.  (There were a pair of them too.)  In this same area there was a varied thrush and there was at least one red-breasted sapsucker in the pine/eucalyptus grove leading up to this area.
Good birding,Jeff AcuffLafayette

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