Eurasian Collard Doves (& Black-shouldered Kite) at Crown Beach, 12/7 (& 11/29)

Bob Sikora

Found a small flock of Eurasian Collared Doves (6 or 10 birds) in what I think are Tecate Cypress just e. of the Crown Beach visitor center at midday on 12/7. They seemed very tame and allowed an approach to within 20' or so. They were not there today at 11AM. Photo at:

Also, saw a Black-shouldered Kite hunting near sunset at the Elsie Roemer Sanctuary on 11/29. A couple of poor record shots at:

Ed, if you catch this, it was probably the same bird.

It dawned on me that the reason we have not been birding for 15 yrs or so is because we had dogs during that period. We lost the last one about a month ago. We are slowly coming up to speed. Sorry for the delayed posts.

Bob and Martha Sikora, Alameda

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