Peregrine Falcon, Rock Wren, Tree Swallows & more at Coyote Hills RP


I had a great morning previewing the east and south side of Coyote Hills this morning in preparation for the Ohlone Audubon CBC on 12/18, finding 56 species with some really notable sightings! Probably the sweetest was a PEREGRINE FALCON, unusual for this park, that flew into a tree next to the Quarry staging area and remained there for over an hour. Digiscope here:

At the top of the hill by the orange-lichen-covered rocks, on the the trail that climbs higher to the biggest rocks, I found a ROCK WREN.

Two, maybe three, BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS - regular winter visitors - were in the coyote bushes near the rock face by the little marsh on the righthand side as you walk towards the bay from Quarry staging area.

About sixty returning TREE SWALLOWS were swirling around over South Marsh and over the entrance road.

A lone BONAPARTE'S GULL was on an island just offshore of the levee road out by the pumping station on the No Name Trail.

Stephanie Floyd

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