FOS--Exciting times--Hercules backyard!

MaryLou Mull

On Weds April 21st I decided to go ahead and hang the oriole feeder even though I had no signs of their highly anticipated return. Silly me!.. on Thursday April 22nd four Hooded Orioles appeared to feed! Two females and two males. Then on Friday April 23rd three Black-headed Grosbeaks showed up at the seed feeder! Over the last ten years I have only been visited twice--very briefly--by one Black-headed Grosbeak--so I was excited to have three all at once ! Guess what!? It looks like they may be here to stay--now  a week later--the orioles and the grosbeaks are visiting our feeders several times a day.. I'm thrilled!
Also we still have two Golden-crowned Sparrows checking out the left-over goodies under the seed feeders on a regular basis. It's all
too much
MaryLou Mull
Hercules, CA
Refugio Valley area

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