Lake Elizabeth (solitary sandpiper no; other good birds yes)


Amy's message about a solitary sandpiper seen on 4/23 sent me to the muddy puddle behind the construction fence at Lake Elizabeth this morning, but I didn't find the bird.  Plenty of other good birds were around on this bright and chilly day!  Most surprising was a single, lingering greater white-fronted goose with the Canada geese at the soccer lawns north of the lake.  Bullock's oriole and loggerhead shrike continue north of New Marsh.  The first white-throated swifts I've seen this year were zipping around above the railroad bridge, and a female northern harrier, a species not often seen here, flew high over the golf course east of the lake.  A male and a female hooded oriole were in the top of the "Five Palms" at the south end of the lake with selasphorous hummingbirds buzzing in the nearby red-flowering eucalyptus. A black-headed grosbeak sang from the trees east of the creek.  41 snowy egrets, 1 great egret, and 29 black-crowned night
herons were at the rookery on Duck Island where many nests are now visible.    I saw 40 species in an hour.
Stephanie Floyd

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