Gull ID Help Needed

Jerry Ting

I went to Pacific Common Linear Park yesterday afternoon in hopes of seeing the Slaty-backed Gull again. After 2 hours of searching and sorting out numerous gulls in the pond I was not able to re-find it.

However, I did re-find an interesting gull that I photographed on 11/13 and took a couple of images of it. This gull has dark back (as dark as Western Gull), smudgy head (way too smudgy for Western), yellow bill, brown eyes, broken white eye rings and pink legs.

So far I have people suggesedt Western, Herring, Herring hybrid, Western x Glaucous-winged hybrid, Vega and Vega hybrid but no one seems to have a solid answer. I did some studies on Vega Gull online and find it a very possible candidate.

You can find images of this gull at:

You can click on each image to see the large version.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Jerry Ting

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