Re: The Breeding Bird Atlas of Contra Costa County - a great spring bird reference

Matthew Dodder

I don't know if others are experiencing this problem, but the website Denise refers to is not accepting my purchase. I keep receiving an error message. If anyone can suggest a solution, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks,Matthew Dodder
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Subject: [EBB_Sightings] The Breeding Bird Atlas of Contra Costa County - a great spring bird reference
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Date: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 9:01 AM


Hi E.B. Birders,

On the way home from work yesterday I saw a fledgling Dark-eyed Junco on the ground in the center divide along Ygnacio Valley Road, near Target in

Walnut Creek.  When the cars rushed by, the young bird flew directly up to a higher branch, indicating that it had not just fallen out a nest.  Wondering if this was an early date for fledglings juncos, I checked Steve Glover's Breeding Bird Atlas of Contra Costa County, only to find that April 17th was the earliest date fledglings from our resident race were seen in CCCo. during the atlas period.  This young bird was not all that early after all.

If you have not obtained a copy of The Breeding Bird Atlas of Contra Costa County, you are missing out on an incredible resource for information on birding in your own back yard! If you already own it, consider giving a copy to your favorite Contra Costa Co. high school, or science teacher for use in the classroom. Every beginning birder in the East Bay should know about the species covered in this book!  I recommend it to all my birding students. You can purchase the book through Mount Diablo Audubon Society:

https://www. marketrends. net/diabloaudubo n/atlas.php

Enjoy spring birding in the East Bay!

All the Best Birding,

Denise Wight

Moraga, CA

blkittiwake. com

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