Re: Second-hand report of a SOLITARY SANDPIPER - Lake Elizabeth in Fremont - PHOTOS

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Hi all,

Here is the link to the photos of the SOLITARY SANDPIPER.

Amy McDonald

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Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Second-hand report of a Solitary Sandpiper - Lake Elizabeth in Fremont

Hi all,

I'm posting this second-hand report of a Solitary Sandpiper that was briefly seen on the 23rd at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont and has not been seen since. I saw the photos late yesterday and confirmed the sighting. I then made a quick stop this morning but the bird was not there.

Even though the bird has not been seen in several days and may well be long gone by this point, it's probably worth a check for those who may be in the area.

Here are directions to the location:

At Lake Elizabeth, park in the parking lot for the water slide at the south end of the lake. Walk the path heading east around the lake, past the heron rookery on your left. At the area of the floating, orange dividers in the lake, you'll see a fence on your right with tarp on it. Behind the fence is the small flooded area where the Solitary Sandpiper was. This is a construction  zone where the trees and habitat are being cleared for the BART extension. 

I will post the photos within the next hour and send out an email with a link to them.

Amy McDonald
San Jose, CA

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