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Joe Morlan


How about Dark-eyed Junco?

On Tue, 27 Apr 2010 18:04:02 -0700, Deborah Hecht <hechtlich@...>

Walking home today from BART, I saw a bird I didn't recognize (no big
surprise there), and wonder if anyone can provide help.
Size: approx'ly that of a house finch
Color: light taupe (whitish-grey-brown) breast and belly, dark head with a
band of taupe to form a kind of wide necklace of dark feathers contrasting
w/ the light feathers, that came around from the back of the neck and met
sort of in a point, facing downwards, above the bird's breast. No
Tail long and very narrow, w/a notch.
Beak looked smallish (at least, it didn't stand out)
Voice: Call a single repeated chirp. Song a very melodic, almost bell-like
trill on one note, very beautiful, hadn't heard it before.
Sited in Albany - maybe on Colusa, don't quite remember, just remember I
walked a bit on Colusaand may have seen it there.

Sorry this is all I can give you. The light was icky, I could barely make
out the red on the fronts of the house finches. This bird was on a wire
directly above me & I couldn't see wings or eyes. I am legally blind,
anyway, and glasses aren't great; didn't have my binoculars, either - not
too many birds on BART. Good luck and have fun identifying mystery bird.

This was not a chickadee! I looked at all possibilities, and listened to
all calls & songs and nothing matched.

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