Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, this morning


It was 45 degrees when I started around the path at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont this morning, but fortunately the sun soon came out and brought a beautiful day. In three hours, I saw 46 species. Nothing rare, but some nice finds and nice sightings. Highlights were some birds not always found on this lake:
- 3 Ring-Necked Ducks north of Duck Island
- 1 Common Gallinule on Duck Island
- 1 lone Eared Grebe looking lost and following some Mallards around
- 1 Clark's Grebe
- 2 Red-Breasted Nuthatches, one on the south end and one north of the boathouse - these are more regularly being found here in the past couple of years
Most fun sightings were:
- Immature White-Tailed Kite hovering over the field by New Marsh, along comes a crow and slams right into it (Kite moves on)
- Loggerhead Shrike going after a sparrow in the reeds at New Marsh; might have been a trial run as the shrike didn't even come close
- Red-Tailed Hawk atop one of the huge dirt piles from BART construction as its vantage point du jour

About 300 Canada Geese were on the soccer lawns as usual, but today I didn't see any of the smaller (Greater White-Fronted or Cackling) geese.

At Hayward Shoreline yesterday, Bingham and Larry Gibbs and Bob Dunn and I found 46 Cackling Geese, many of them Aleutians, on the Radio Tower Hills.

Stephanie Floyd

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