San Leandro marina - Yellow-b. Loon

Bob Dunn <bdisme51@...>

I went to the San Leandro marina this afternoon to see if the White-winged Scoters had returned. I did not see them. But there at their spot I found a juvenile Yellow-billed Loon activitely feeding about 20 feet offshore. I watched it for about 20 minutes. It was about 3:30 when I first saw it. While there I also saw a Pelagic Cormorant fly in and start feeding near the loon. This area can be reach from I-880 by taking the Marina Blvd West exit. Follow Marina Blvd west until you reach the marina. The road will bend to the left (south) and become Monarch Bay Drive. Turn right at the first stop sign onto Mulford Point Drive. Follow the road to the end and park in the parking lot on the bay side. The loon was first found at the south end of the parking lot but worked it's way north all the way to the the cove. That's were I lost it when it dived and did not surface for the 10 minutes before I left.

The par course is now open at the marina. It's reached by following Monarch Bay Drive to where it ends at a parking lot. Park there. I had a Common Loon and a single Bonaparte's Gull floated offshore there. Still had the Ruddy Turnstones and Black Turnstones and more Elegant Terns than I cared to count but did not see any Surfbirds or Oystercatchers.

Bob Dunn
SAn Leandro

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