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C Lou


This morning, I arrived at the lawn area at Heather Farms at 845am. I was just hoping that
the Black-And-White Warbler was still around. Having spent from about 130pm to 440 or so looking for this bird, then I found out that Paul and Nancy Schorr had seen the bird after
I left.

It was pretty birdy with yellow-rumps. At about 900am, I saw a black and white flash into
the pepper tree (I think) by the 'large paved' viewing area. It flew in from the direction
from the lawn area. It jumped to the tree next to pond, then to the railing. It was
the BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER. It started to feed on the top railing as described before,
across the entire section of the railing right to left. Then it flew to base of the tree
in the pond and that when I posted to EBB. I lost it at this point but I thought it was
behind the railing somewhere. I ran into John Harrison who had just talked to Hugh at church. We broke up and John went down the path to the creek crossing. I stayed at the viewing area.

After about 10 minutes, John came back for me as he had the bird down the path. The bird
was feeding on the large rocks in the little creek with the grate in the sidewalk. The
bird feed for about 10 minutes (now 925am). It jumped to the at the corner there and worked it way up and then I lost it. I hung around for about 20 minutes but failed to find the bird again. Others birds of note, there were two Orange-crowned Warbler.

Thanks Hugh.

Calvin D Lou
San Francisco, CA

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I made a stop at the wooden railing next to the large, mostly natural pond this afternoon, while on my way home from the grocery store. There were already at least 5 other birders there, though two wandered away to other parts.

Though I worried a bit about the 1/2 gallon of milk and quart of half-and-half in my bike basket, suddenly the B&W Warbler was seen on the tree trunks on the adjacent lawn. Before we were finished seeing all we could and more, we were 10 spotters and a couple who just happened to be walking past, curious as to what we were seeing.

The B&W Warbler put on quite a show starting just about 5 PM. I forgot to look at the time when most of of started leaving, but the bird was still active on the tree trunks, going from the little sign kiosk at the north end of the lawn to about the lone concrete bench towards the south end of the lawn. We might have watched it for 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour.

Most of us followed along the sidewalk, as the bird would eventually move to a nearby trunk.

Enter Heather Farm Park from Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek. This is North San Carlos and is east and downhill of John Muir Hospital. A Shell station is adjacent to the park entry. Drive straight into the park. You will see tennis courts to the left, then a large lawn with trees. Sports fields are to the right. Continue to a stop sign, then turn left into the parking lot. Park straight ahead and you sill see the lawn which slopes down to the wooden railing.

Around 8 AM and for about 20 minutes after that, there is a lot of traffic due to the private Seven Hills School off the northwest corner of the park. After 8:30 traffic almost disappears.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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