White-throated Sparrow, Marina Bay, Richmond

Sheila Dickie

Yesterday, Monday, October 17 late afternoon 3:30-4:30 p.m. I saw a tan-spriped White-throated Sparrow behind the condos in Marina Bay, near the junction of Marina Bay Parkway and Regatta Boulevard, Richmond.  The bird was foraging on the ground in a mixed flock of White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows.  I had been catching glimpses of the bird over the past week but had a hard time getting a good look.  It has quite a rusty colored back in addition to a very distinctive tan eyebrow stripe.  It tends to keep its head down so it's hard to see the white throat as it is constantly foraging.  Also present yesterday an Orange-crowned Warbler and one Ruddy Duck in with the Mallards at the culvert (near the duck crossing sign).
Directions:  From 580West. Take the Marina Bay Parkway/So. 23rd Street exit.  At the end of the ramp turn left back across the freeway onto Marina Bay Parkway.  Cross Regatta Blvd. and make a left hand turn on to Bayside, a no-through street.  Park at the end of the street and take the path through the condos out to Meeker Slough.  Turn left and follow the path along until you see tennis courts up ahead on the left.  Running along the side of the path on your left are concrete light bollards which are numbered.  When you come to L560/L561 start looking across the slough to the opposite bank.  The sparrows have been foraging along the bank in the dirt and plant debris to the right of the eucalyptus.  They have also been at other spots along the bank heading to the junction of the two roads, but the White-throated Sparrow seems to favor this spot.
Sheila Dickie

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