Distressed Common Murre - Richmond

Sheila Dickie

Hi everyone
Following up on various Commoin Murre sightings distressed and otherwise, this past Saturday I was birding in the Richmond Marina when I came across two of the Park guys looking at a distressed Common Murre that was up by the Rosie the Riveter memorial on the grass.  Long story short they called the International Bird Rescue people up in Cordelia and I volunteered to stay.  As luck would have it they had a volunteer in Alameda who eventually three hours later, following a flat on I-880, arrived to pick up the bird.  If anyone wants the number to call for distressed water birds it is: 707-207-0380 ext. 110.
I have not heard how the bird is doing; it obviously could not fly but was alert and energetic.  A friend came over with a cat carrier so we could keep it safe.  Now I travel with a box and a towel.
Best birding
Sheila Dickie

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