Junco Fledgling Visits Our Patio


Our friend, Bob, was visiting our Walnut Creek house after the two of us took a between shower walk around Heather Farm Park. As we sat talking, I noticed a streak pass the window. Thinking a Lesser Goldfinch must have then hit our sliding glass door, I looked around the corner. Instead of a goldfinch, it was a fledgling Oregon Junco, which was following an adult into the patio. I showed it to Bob and grabbed the meal worm container from the refrigerator. Hoping they wouldn't spook, I slid open the door and tossed a big spoonful of worms onto the cement.

About the same time the juncos arrived, so did a CA Towhee, but I put enough worms out that the fledgling junco was fed 8-10 worms before the towhee scarfed up the rest.

This was definitely cool.

Hugh B. Harvey
Just north of Heather Farm Park
Walnut Creek

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