The Heartbreak of Predation

Jaan Lepson <lepson@...>

Hello all,

Once again Mourning Doves have nested in my yard. This time they chose to
build in a hanging basket of epiphyllum cactus under the eaves in front of
my office. Good choice - nice and dry and not too obvious. Meanwhile, a
pair of crows are nesting in the top of the neighbor's redwood - you can
see where this is going.

The dove chick hatched and all was going well until a couple of days ago,
when I noticed a crow spending too much time nearby in the front yard.
Sure enough, after a couple of days we saw that the dove was gone and the
basket was still swinging. I went out to check, and a crow flew off from
the adjacent juniper tree. We must have just missed the predation event.

As I've said before, it's a wonder we have any doves at all!

good birding,

Jaan Lepson

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