Around the county 8/28

Dave Weber

Hi Birders-

Before 7:30 this morning there were 10 Swainson's Hawks in the first field south of the Mtn House/Byron Hwy intersection. Didn't see any near Kelso Rd. Then drove straight to Middle Harbor in Oakland where the Heerman's Gull and Elegant Terns later reported by Pat Bacchetti were seen, but there were 90 Elegants on the still-exposed mud. Next to San Leandro Marina where there were two more Elegants on the rocky island, but no unusual shorebirds. At Hayward Shoreline I walked out from the interpretive center. The only bird of note was a Wandering Tattler near Johnson's Landing. At Coyote Hills the oropendula was not seen at mid-afternoon, though others had seen it earlier.

Dave Weber,

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