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Johan Langewis

To review: Chestnut-backed Chickadees laid 7 eggs 3/28 and 3/29. 4 hatched 4/13 Photos posted previously. Since then (Measurements taken from TV image, ratio calculated to get true length):

4/13 At hatching chicks ~ .75" long

4/15 1.1"

4/16 1.5"

4/17 1.7" Fuzzy tufts appear on head. Dark lines on back and wings appear, probably feather tracts. A row of dots appears on wings.

4/18 1.9" Row of dots on wings is now a row of ridges.

4/19 2.1" Dark areas expanding, feathers developing on wings.

4/20 Chicks are getting too big and fat to measure. More fuzz on bodies, feathers on wings longer.

See photos:

Johan Langewis

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