Hercules-Fledgling Hooded Oriole

MaryLou Mull

One female fledgling Hooded Oriole and an adult female visited our syrup feeder this morning. The little girl hung out on nearby branch and begged while adult sipped away--ignoring her. Finally, after several attempts, little girl landed on the feeder and continued to beg. Adult continued to ignore-- enjoying many sips in the process. Finally little girl sipped! Hurray!

We have at least 2 adult females and 2 adult males visiting us this year (we suspect at least 2 more--but not positive). This little fledgling female is the only baby we have been able to identify--so far. Since they arrived almost 6 weeks later this year than last year--it will be interesting to see how long they stay. Last year they cleared out by August 10th.
Good birding!
MaryLou Mull
Hercules--( dead end of Refugio Valley)

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