Patterson Pass and Mines Rd (Dusky Flycatcher and Blue Grosbeak)


Today I birded with Eric Pilotte along Patterson Pass Rd and then onto Mines Rd. I have listed the highlights below:

Patterson Pass MP 4.98
1 BLUE GROSBEAK (Male) seen initially right next to the road and then worked its way North along the fence row up over the hill with the wind turbines.
2 Ash-throated flycatchers

Gate near Mile 5.5
3 Burrowing Owls

MP 5.9 to MP 7.1
1 DUSKY FLYCATCHER actively flycatching low on either side of the larger group of trees right near MP 5.9
3 Nashville Warblers
2 Black-headed Grosbeaks
1 Yellow Warbler
6 Black-throated Gray Warblers

Mines Rd
1 WESTERN RATTLESNAKE sunbathing on the road
2 Say's Phoebe

Good Birding,

Zach Baer
Berkeley, CA

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