titmouse? Re: mystery bird heard in Berkeley

David Couch

Folks, isn't that an Oak Titmouse?

David Herzstein Couch
7th St near Cedar

From: "ktandy2" <ktandy@...>
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] mystery bird heard in Berkeley


I work in downtown Berkeley (Milvia and University) and keep a bird feeder[....] Today, however, I heard a quite loud and insistent song which I could not identify: witchy-too, witchy-too, witchy too-too-too. I went outside to look among the trees and saw only a house finch pair flitting about. In two years of working there I have never heard this song before, and it didn't really sound like a finch song.

Does anyone have any ideas about who it could be?

Thanks so much.

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