California Towhee? Re: Hail ye bird song experts!

David Couch

From you r description -- especially if it is every morning very early and it is really really really annoying -- then it sounds to me like it is a California Towhee.
They are so lovable except for their quote song unquote, which incites occasional thoughts of avicide in this birder.

Or the 2nd "song" at

David Herzstein Couch
7th St near Cedar, Berkeley

You wrote:
From: Deborah Hecht <hechtlich@...>
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Hail ye bird song experts!

I'd like to id the bird who comes to our backyard at 6 a.m. just about every morning (I'm not aware of it at other times). The sound it makes is a middle range low to higher 'whee' followed by 'dee dee dee dee dee dee dee.' (seven 'dees' or 'tees') on the same note that the 'whee' ends. No trilling or buzzing. The sound repeats without variation. Any ideas? Our backyard has oaks and redwood, fruit trees, a sunflower seed feeder, lawn, lots of flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses and a bird bath and plenty of

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