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Mike Feighner


This reply is by the default reply to all, rather than the expected reply to individual user as we are used to where we can substitute the individual addre4ss with the group address when it is of interest to the group.

I had contacted the EBB administrator about this and other matters and am awaiting a response:

Earlier test passed, but it let me know one thing: default is reply to all. As co-moderator to North Bay Birds, I see that could be problematic. Only, the Sacramento Group allows that. Current plans for EBB is to leave it unmoderated. In a short time we will start getting those emails from that Motorcycle Dating Club on EBB. I don't think we would want that.

Attachments are allowed on EBB, not on NBB, CALBIRDS, SBB, pen-bird and all the others except for NWCALBIRD and Sacramento Birds. Currently, my default is set to traditional plain text, but if someone sends HTML or an attachment, the message I receive will have all that commercial junk added at the end in an HTML post. All I care about at the bottom is how do I subscribe or unsubscribe, where I can post my photos, and how I can contact the administrator of the list. Yet, sooner or later someone will try to attach a file and ask about it or even post to the entire group about unsubscribing. The same went for the current EBB, where Plain Text was the requirement, yet two or three individuals would ignore that daily, and those messages would be hand-delivered to the list two or three days after the posting. Thus, moving to Yahoo groups is an improvement.

Attachments can be huge and cumbersome. To avoid blacklisting of our group by major IPS's, the alternative of either using the Yahoo online photo album service or using another like Pbase or Flickr (I always think of birding when I see that word!) as Glen has suggested would be better in my opinion.
It's not an easy task, but I foresee these problems for EBB in the near future,

Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

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I would support allowing photo attachments on the EBB list (the first method in
Len's post), but most birding lists do not allow attachments, and rely on the
second and third methods for sharing photos. I think the main reason most
birding lists do not allow attachments is fear that attachments will transmit viruses.
However, jpeg, the normal file format for photos on the internet, is not a virus-
friendly format - as far as I know, no viruses have been created that can be
transmitted by jpegs. Len and I belong to another Yahoo group, Birds-pix, an
international list for sharing bird photos, which allows attachments. I have received
several, sometimes dozens, of attached photos in my email box every day for the
last eight years and have never had a virus come through via Birds-pix.

A significant drawback to attaching photos is that Yahoo does not archive
attachments, so EBB subscribers who view posts on the Yahoo website rather
than receiving individual emails in their mailbox will not be able to see the photos.

One drawback to using the photo folders on the group's Yahoo home page (Len's
second method) is that Yahoo limits the size of photos that can be uploaded, so if
you upload a large, high-resolution photo, Yahoo will compress it and reduce the
quality, which is pretty aggravating if you value high-quality photos.

A drawback to using links to photos on another website (Len's third method) is that
it requires a website where you can post your photos, which casual bird
photographers may not have. But most of the popular photo-sharing sites like
Pbase and Flickr offer free accounts with limited functionality, so this drawback
can be overcome with a little effort.

Glen Tepke

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Pleased to see EBB migrated to Yahoo. I'm wondering about the EBB policy, if
any, regarding posting of photos on EBB.

Sometimes we capture a bird of interest that others might enjoy. One way to post
on YahooGroups sites is to attach a web-sized JPEG to the initial posting. These
photos can be viewed and/or downloaded by those receiving individual emails
from EBB, but these photos will not be archived on the EBB site unless a
companion Google site has been set up.

A second way to post photos is to navigate to the EBB site
(, then click on "Photos" in the
box on the left, then "Create Album", "Add Photos", etc. You will be uploading
photos to the album you have created. For example, I just created an album titled
"Albany Bulb Hummers", and uploaded 3 photos as a test.

A third method to include a photo is the more traditional method, i.e. for the
photographer to upload the image to his/her own photo website and provide a link
in the posting. This generally works well, especially if hotlinks are permitted (I
believe the old EBB Sightings did not permit HTML or hotlinks, but not sure).

Cheers, Len Blumin


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