Re: Hairy Woodpecker at Jewel Lake

Rosemary Johnson

It's possible that some did go over.  We saw 10 ducklings on Monday.  At one point, some one in the group saw all the ducklings line up at the spillway.  The mother swooped in and they followed her away from danger.  However, they may not have been able to resist the temptation at another time.

Rosemary Johnson

On 04/19/2022 8:50 PM Claude Lyneis <cmlyneis@...> wrote:

Out a Jewel Lake I saw my first Hairy Woodpecker this afternoon.  At Flickr.

Also a Mallard pair with 6 tiny Ducklings.  The Park ranger was searching below the spillway for more of the Ducklings that may have gone over the spillway yesterday.

Duckling at Flickr.

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