Re: Black Skimmers at Emeryville

Alan Howe

I was also out this evening & saw the skimmers far out from the south shore of Emeryville. They were pretty spectacular the one time the entire flock took off, becoming a murmuration of shifting black & white.

I also saw what seemed to be a purple sandpiper foraging along the rocks near the Emeryville Police station. Since Kaufman says this bird is almost identical with the rock sandpiper & location is one of the distinguishing factors, I'll assume it was a rock sp, but if anyone happens to see the bird & thinks it's a purple, please let us know.

Alan Howe
North Oakland

On Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 6:38 PM Claude Lyneis <cmlyneis@...> wrote:
Went out to the Emeryville mudflats between about 3:30 and 5:15 and indeed there were at least 30 Black Skimmers out on the mudflats.  It was a clear, calm afternoon.  There were about four other birders out there.  Viewed through my 500 mm Nikon, it took a little imagination and faith to see the Black Skimmers, who decided skimming was not on the agenda and the remained quite far away from the north side of the mudflats.  Fortunately, with some manipulation in Lightroom and Topaz DeNoise, the photos leave no doubt about the Black Skimmers.

Photo of the Black Skimmers in Flickr—

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