Monday at Lake Merritt and Arrowhead Marsh


Mount Diablo Audubon Society did a field trip today to the lake and marsh.  We do not understand it, but there seem to be fewer and fewer birds on Lake Merritt.  Of course, it is like that in lots of places.  We did have three gull species, including a very close Glaucous-winged Gull, a fair number of Scaups of both species, and even some female Hooded Mergansers.  A Queenfisher was in a bare tree on the right-hand island.  We could not find a Barrow's Goldeneye.

At Arrowhead Marsh, the marsh was almost non-existent.  There were lots of Ridgeway's Rails visible through scopes at the far north (?) end.  One other observer said he had counted 14 of them.  We also had a couple of Sora's pretty close to us at the wooden pier, which was covered with Dowitchers, Godwits and Willets.

Derek Heins rode by and we talked about his Richmond CBC.  He found a Brant farther along the trail there, but most of the group had already left for Garretson Point.  He and I did see 6-8 Blue-winged Teals in the mitigation area behind the fence.

A Peregrine Falcon came over the pond at Garretson Point, and a young Cooper's Hawk was harassed by Crows.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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