Re: Shadow Cliffs flooded! 12/28/2021

richard s. cimino

One week ago we had a CBC here and no flooding.

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Hello everyone,
I am just back from a walk in Shadow Cliffs Regional Park (in Pleasanton) and I was amazed to see how different the place looks. Most of the trails are closed because they are under water. Only the lake area and the main trail that separates the lake from the wooded areas are accessible. There is a bridge that connects the lake to the woods that has disappeared under water. What used to be several separate ponds and a creek is now mostly all connected. On the 24th of September I had noted on my ebird checklists that in the past two years I had never seen the water level so low and the place so dry. Well, I guess it has gone from one extreme to the other in a few months.
For those of you familiar with Shadow Cliffs, it is worth the visit. There is still lots of bird activity too.

Isabelle Reddy

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