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richard s. cimino

Hi Sherrill,
If I may, I'd like to suggest that you use Sycamore Grove Park for your release site which is in Livermore it has suitable roosting habitat and foraging habitat.
Over the years (46 years) of birding Mines Road I have found road kill Poor wills, Great Horn, Short eared and Barn Owls along Mines Rd..
The traffic has steadily grown on Mines Rd. as has the speeds at which the road is traveled, this resulting in owl strikes.
Also for consideration is Sunol Regional Park which as Sycamore Grove Park has limited high volume high speed auto traffic.
Rich Cimino
Past Ohlone Audubon Conservation Chair - eastern Alameda County

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I hope this is an acceptable post. I am a wildlife rehabilitator with Lindsay Wildlife and have a long-eared owl that has been in our care since July, 2020. He was found with a fractured wing in an industrial area very near I 680 in Livermore. After going through fairly complete molt, he is now ready to release and I am looking for a good release site, preferable where other LEOWs have been seen recently or are regularly observed. The most recent report I found on ebird was posted by Alex Henry in March 2021 with no specific location other than Mines Rd. If anyone has insight as to a good location along Mines Road or elsewhere that is not too far from Livermore, please let me know. Thank you, Sherrill Cook, owl and falcon specialist, Lindsay Wildlife.

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